Three Lies About God's Mercy And The Truth

Lie #1: What I’ve done is so bad that God won’t forgive me.

The Truth: No matter what you’ve done, God is waiting for you. He loves you. Give up your attachment to being especially and uniquely bad, (you’re not) and hand it over to God. He’ll wipe the guilt away!

Lie #2: I’m just going to do it again, so there’s no point in confessing the same thing over and over.

The Truth: Every time you confess it, you get a little stronger, by admitting your weakness. Don’t give up.

Lie #3: I’m a good person. My little faults and missteps don’t matter.

The Truth: You are not willing to look at those little sins, because you don’t want to give them up. These seemingly unimportant acts are where you need to focus to really grow closer to God.

Make a start! Open yourself up to God’s Divine Mercy and Grace!