This Kid Will Touch Your Heart

The shows we do for schools are some of the hardest, but also the most rewarding. Stories like this make it all worthwhile:

My name is James. I'm in eighth grade. I love acting and I think I might be called to be a priest. After seeing Tolton, I was very moved because that helped kick off my vocation even more.

Tolton was a very impactful play. It made me think about how I really wanted to give the Eucharist to others and help them – not just tell them about Christ but give them Christ as well.

Father Tolton went through the some of the same struggles and temptations that I go through, like forgetting Christ and not being sure of my vocation. Even though he kept getting rejected, he kept trusting in Christ and persevering.

Jim's amazing acting made me see Father Tolton himself on stage.

It was fun to talk with him afterwards while he was still in costume. It was like seeing somebody who was close to Christ. It was beautiful because I was able to relate to him in so many ways. I could just still my fears and talk with him. I can't explain why it was so profound. It just was.

I hope that the show will continue because it helped me and a lot of other people come closer to Christ.

Schools don’t have money for shows, so we’re counting on you to give kids a personal encounter with the saints. Please send whatever you can to fund shows this coming school year.