Is It Life Threatening?

By Patti Defilippis

A few months ago I was agonizing at Mass over something one of my adult kids was going through. I had stepped in to solve a problem, when I wasn’t asked for help.It was just too painful to watch the struggle.

I heard God speak to me – not in audible words, but in my heart. “What are you doing? I am working on this child of yours! By stepping in, you just set back my plan. Just listen, pray and stay out of the way.”

From that moment, I made a new resolution. When my child is doing something I don’t agree with or which causes me to fear, I ask myself the question, “Is it life threatening?”  If it’s not (it’s almost always not) I do my best to listen, pray and stay out of the way.

Thank you, Lord, for always working in my children’s lives. Help me to trust!