Tolton: From Slave to Priest

Martha Tolton was a Missouri slave and a mother, who knew there was only one way to save her family – she had to escape to freedom in Illinois. In the dead of night, she slipped away. It was twenty miles to the Missouri - Illinois border. On the other side... read more

The Actor

Jim Coleman is excited and honored to be playing the role of Father Tolton. Prior to his acting career, he served in the US Army as a medic. Having appeared in more than 50 national commercials, Jim is best known for his role of Roger Parker in the hit Nickelodeon show... read more

The Story

"A colored child born April 1, 1854, son of Peter Tolton and Martha Chisley, property of Stephen Elliott." That's all it says in the baptismal record for Father Augustus Tolton. Born a slave to Peter Paul and Martha Tolton, of Brush Creek, Missouri, he grew up to become the first African American... read more
Show Length: 75 Minutes
Suitable for Ages 10 & Up